Why everyone should see Cattelan's docu-show on happiness

Alessandro Cattelan tries to explain happiness in six episodes on Netflix. A mix of questions - and answers - reveal the formula for being happy
A simple question is the docu-show, broadcast on Netflix , in which Alessandro Cattelan tries to understand how to be happy.

It all begins with a simple question - in fact - that Nina, Cattelan's daughter, asks her father: "How can you be happy?"

The show man decides to seek happiness with several well-known characters. He does it through existential questions about their life paths and all to get to answer his little girl.

The episodes are united by the search for the meaning of life , from what gives meaning to our existence. The comments of a psychotherapist who talks with Cattelan give the right seasoning to an already well-composed dish.

We give you three reasons to see it.

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The docu-show amazes those who watch it
Or maybe we should say that Cattelan does it.

Yes, because during the episodes there are strokes of genius that leave you speechless. We don't want to make spoilers that would ruin the vision but there are three points in particular that are surprising enough to think: "But Cattelan is brilliant!"

And it is there that we realize the human potential and how much this is related to happiness: if it is exploited well it can make us experience moments of pure joy.

Baggio black sweatshirt
The characters are naked
No, not in the literal sense. The interviewed characters undress themselves from any filter imposed from the outside.

Baggio, Geppi Cucciari, Vialli, Sorrentino and the other guests are just people. Real people, not TV artifacts.

Cattelan's potential lies in bringing out their personality with naturalness and simplicity so that their personal vision of happiness emerges clearly and unequivocally.

Confronting their humanity makes us all the same, we are all looking for the same thing.

cattelan 1
Cattelan answers the question
The docu-show, in the end, really answers the original question.

Cattelan communicates the answer to his daughter and there the interpretation of the observer starts. The answer to happiness exists.

On the other hand, it is nothing more than a chemical mix where serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine reach high levels and trigger well-being in every fiber of our body.

Watch the episodes if you want to know how to do it. But then do it for real.


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