Wedding hairstyles 2022: from semi-gathered to braid, here are the hair looks for the wedding day

From the long half-up to the 2022 bridal hairstyles with accessories, if you are looking for the hair look for the wedding day, take a look at this selection of spring summer 2022 bridal hairstyles
The big day is approaching and you have not yet chosen the right wedding hairstyle for you? You are in the right place because in this article you will find all the most elegant and romantic spring summer 2022 bridal hairstyles . From the semi- collected bridal hairstyle that points to romantic simplicity to the voluminous chignons with accessories (veil in pole position), the choice for the 2022 bridal hairstyle is truly vast: find the hairlook for you with our selection!

Wedding hairstyles 2022 long hair
Those with long hair can really choose from endless hairstyles for the wedding day. We recommend this unusual proposal with a vintage mood with twenties and forties style waves. Worked with a styler, they are combined with an accessory such as the veil (which you will see in many other proposals). The beauty of this hair look is that it can also be done on different lengths, including the bridal half -up .

Alternatively, the braid: romantic, as always.

Wedding hairstyle with bun
For those who love the more "classic" choices, nothing better than to focus on a chignon with locks wrapped around themselves and blocked by a floral accessory .

Another 2022 wedding hairstyle proposal with a high chignon and veil. It lends itself very much to the combination with dresses that leave the shoulders and décolleté uncovered.

The veil is truly the accessory of the moment. Here are other looks you can get inspired by

Wedding hairstyles 2022 semi-harvest
The semi - gathered bridal hairstyles are undoubtedly among the most popular ever, especially on long or medium hair. For spring summer 2022 the most beautiful proposal wants a long and wavy hair divided by braids and micro accessories.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair
If you have medium hair , here are three hairstyles that you can suggest to your hair stylist. The first collects the medium-long hair in a torchon embellished with a clip with stones, the second, instead, adds a lateral fake braid for a super romantic finish. Finally, the third closes the pony tail with a romantic pink ribbon.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair
Excellent solution for those with both straight and curly medium hair: make soft twists at the top and at the sides in order to create a sort of crown that frames the face.

Bridal hair 2022: all the most beautiful hair looks
Still undecided about your semi-collected bride or the look you will wear on your wedding day? Take a look at this gallery!

Wedding hairstyles 2022: the most beautiful looks for long, medium and short hair


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