Veronica Benini: "The first step to regain possession of our life"

I don't want this job. I don't want this job now, not anymore. How many times have we told each other?
Is this what I wanted? Is this job really what I dreamed of ten years ago? Does it give me the professional and personal satisfaction I thought it would be? Many people, not just women, have answered, not with a little effort and frustration, no.

After having tested the potential flexibility of smart working, the desire for something different is advancing, even if, aside from quality time, we still don't know “what” . The underlying thought embraces much more than the world of work: we have understood that we want to redesign the quality of our life, because the classic workplace is no longer enough for us: now we know we can live better. And at that point, logically, the next question would be: "Okay, so what do I want, how do I want it?" I do not know! I just know that I don't want this job anymore!

Here we are, in the midst of a powerful affirmation that precedes a decision that not everyone has focused on. This desire to take back our lives and our time is called "downshifting" or happy degrowth, and it is the great reflection that gave rise to the "Great Resignation" or the Great Resignations that took place after this period.

Our vision of work has changed and after “I don't want this job anymore”, now we have to act to redesign what we want to do, with realism and in stages. In the end, it is a question of making it clear that it is a “win-win”, that is, a victory for both parties. And for this we must act first by proposing a strategy that takes into account not only what we want, but the benefits that the company would derive thanks to us in this change. It is called negotiation and, after three generations of women in care roles, we are ready to sit down and decide together.

The fact that it is a question that millions of women ask themselves at the same time amplifies the frustration by reducing the range of possibilities for relocation: those who have understood that they were better off teleworking as a freelancer, or by launching their own online business, have already moved on to work by entering the market, but it would be reckless to assume that there is room for everyone , because the work dynamics have not yet adapted to the speed with which our perception of work roles has changed: we observe the Work as an entity, a mega mastodon slow that is still trying to figure out what is happening, even if it has already happened.

The crisis always leads us to change due to the need for adaptation and the time has come to see the flaws as opportunities, putting our personal needs together in professional choices because yes: we can have everything, but to have it you have to visualize it, plan it, ask for it and then do it. The question I ask you is: are you ready to become an active and proactive part instead of waiting for what you would like to happen?

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