Shopify Plus Free Trial - Everything You Need to Get Started

Whether you're looking to start your own online store, sell your goods on wholesale channels or just want to learn more about Shopify Plus, the free trial version gives you access to everything you need to get started. You'll also get a dedicated analytics dashboard, an integrated Wholesale channel and a customisable checkout experience.

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Customisable checkout experience

Whether you are starting a brand new store or looking to make improvements to your existing store, you can create a customized checkout experience that will improve your conversion rates. Shopify Plus offers a wide range of tools that can help you do just that. It includes the Script Editor, which allows merchants to modify their own scripts and enhance the checkout experience.

Scripts allow merchants to implement custom incentives for customers, as well as identify VIP customers. They can also provide customers with a seamless click and collect service, and provide flexible pricing rules.

Customisation of the checkout page can help your brand build trust and increase your conversion rate. It can also give you more control over order fulfillment and help you reach new customers. You can choose to use a third party app or write your own code, and can even customize your store's design.

You can also integrate social media marketing into your checkout page. For example, you could create special checkout pages for Facebook and Instagram that allow customers to finish their purchase on those platforms. You can also create custom checkout fields that allow customers to input gift messaging notes or special delivery instructions.

You can also customize the checkout page design. For example, you can add an image header to make the page look different. You can change the theme of the page, as well as the text.

Dedicated analytics dashboard

Using a dedicated analytics dashboard for shopify plus is a great way to see how your store is performing in real-time. You can also use it to discover new marketing opportunities.

Shopify Plus is an ecommerce platform designed for larger enterprise sellers. It features extra support, up-to-date data insights, and richer analytics capabilities. The plan also lets you integrate with other apps to expand your online store's functionality. In addition, it allows you to push products to the sales channels of your choice. Shopify Plus also offers custom reports that make it easier to visualize your store's performance and make strategic business decisions.

The Shopify analytics dashboard is similar to Google Analytics in that it shows real-time store traffic. However, it is much more robust and accurate. It tracks sales, marketing campaigns, and customer interaction, and it can tell you how to improve your store's performance.

You can also see your store's performance across regions, countries, and sales channels with the dedicated analytics dashboard for shopify plus. The tool also has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to filter sales by city, date, and other criteria.

Another great feature is the Shopify Script Editor, a tool that allows you to write custom scripts that can improve checkout and enhance the customer experience. It also allows you to automate product launches and flash sales.

Wholesale channel

Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, Shopify Plus offers many benefits. These benefits include a wholesale channel that will help your company expand its business.

A wholesale channel is an all-in-one tool that makes life easier for businesses, especially if you already have an online store. Whether you sell B2B or D2C, you can use the wholesale channel to increase your profits. You can also find new suppliers. Shopify offers an automated email system for sending wholesale notifications.

Another benefit is that you can create a separate page for wholesale customers. This allows you to customize the prices you charge. You can also create percentage discounts for wholesale customers. You can also customize the minimum and maximum prices you set for each product.

You can also set a minimum order quantity. You can also add images to your products. You can customize your store by adding different themes to your site. You can choose from a wide selection of themes for every industry segment.

With the help of the wholesale channel, you can also list exclusive products that are only available to wholesale customers. You can also increase the number of orders you receive from wholesale customers.

The wholesale function of Shopify Plus allows you to customize the prices you charge for wholesale customers. It also provides you with a centralized customer order page, which allows you to view and track all the details of every order you receive.


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