Paolo Stella: "What I understood when I met one of my" hater ""

You already know. Whatever you do, down there on the web, the hater, the hater, is ready to give a voice and to transform into words the (often angry) indispensable opinion of him. It has happened to me for years and for years I don't care, rather aware that I live in a privileged situation, I do a job that coincides with my passions and allows me to translate my creativity into profit.The hater attack is the proof that you are doing something divisive, therefore concrete. In reality, anyone who likes everyone does not mind anyone because he is not changing things. So with the blessing of my wounded pride I learned not to care.

Lately I have been very busy on the humanitarian front. I'm not writing it to get anyone's compliments (this thing I do mainly to appease the sense of helplessness I feel in the face of the horror of war), but to explain a fact. Digital creators, or influencers, are always under the magnifying glass and, especially in a historical period like this, judged. If they don't expose themselves to the problem: “Ahhh! How insensitive, with the war on their doorstep they go to the parades! ”. And if they do: "They just expose themselves to have visibility, that's disgusting!".

Here too I don't care and go on my way.
Then it happens that I ask the people who follow me for a hand and the Orthodox church of the Lazzaretto in Milan, where I have been going for weeks every day, is filled with donations: volunteers who sort, pack and load trucks for Ukraine every day. It is an incredible response of solidarity that is good for the heart. One evening, after nine hours of unloading packages, I ask my super attentive and generous community to send us some tape (gizmo for easy use of scotch tape) after a lovely lady injured herself while trying to tear the sticker with her teeth. . The response was massive. I thought: "How nice that people feel so involved in this humanitarian operation." Instead, scandal. A war starts on Twitter after this Federica decides to publish my photo asserting that, under this request, there was something rotten and that the communication I am making about the collection of humanitarian aid does not please you. "Buy them starving, they are used to the fact that they give them everything, you suck!".

I replied (wrongly, certain subjects should not be considered) and obviously the situation has intensified. Not so much for the offenses against my person, but for the use of the word "rotten" in the context of the humanitarian operation that I am following. I proposed to Federica to see us live. And she incredibly accepted. She came while I was unloading the boxes. It was a nice comparison and she experienced first hand the commitment and all the people who work there. I also got her a promise to come and help.She is a mother who suffers from seeing other children like hers in those conditions. She keeps saying that she doesn't like my story, but I always say: so don't look at it! The web is free. I explained her media power. When your post receives so many comments, you have a responsibility. Every power carries with it a responsibility. We are not obliged by anyone to express an opinion, it is not essential. And when we do, we always ask ourselves: is it any good? Will it improve the situation? We all have a power and we just have to decide to use it in the best way. Especially in this period.

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