Nicole Cavallo: Instagram brings me closer to my brides

Second generation exponent of a family that has made bridal its tradition, with irony and lightness Nicole uses social media to express herself
For the first time, the bridal speaks the same language as the younger generations. Thanks to one of them, Nicole Cavallo . Bubbly, ironic, brilliant, Nicole is a second generation exponent of the international brand, but with an Italian heart, Nicole Milano . Looking at her on her social networks immediately one is struck by her, and not only by the amount of followers she has, more than 150 thousand. Because Nicole loves her job, and she shows it, she does it with passion, and she sees, has fun, and it shows. That's why she is in full sync with today's brides, young girls like her who, after finding love, can't wait to crown their dream with a white dress (or not!).

How did it start? With a degree from Bocconi University, and then became the Creative Director of the company. And her young age is by no means a limit, on the contrary: of the same generation as today's brides , Nicole she understands their tastes and she knows what they would like to wear. And she talks to us and compares on social networks , especially Instagram , trying to understand what brides want. Yes, Nicole has brought a wave of change to the bridal world. We interviewed her for the readers of
How did the need to have a social presence born for you and how did you start?

It wasn't a real need ... When I joined the company in 2018, social media and especially Instagram were becoming more and more important. At the beginning I thought they were useful tools especially for having direct contact with brides and therefore to respond more precisely to their needs. In this sense I can say that interacting directly with each girl helped me to better understand their tastes and also what they expected new.
So I "opened up" my profiles to everyone, thinking that I had lived that world - that of the bride - all my life, but also that this reality hid aspects that were not at all obvious: marriage is a completely new experience and I I realized that many girls do not know what they are going to meet and therefore there is a lot of curiosity around the subject: in fact I am followed a lot even by girls who have not received a proposal!

Without any strategy, I wanted to make my followers participate in this world and simply tell what happened to me every day. Having been the first ever to do it in Italy, I was immediately followed a lot.

Do social media help you better understand the needs of girls who are getting married today?
Absolutely yes, because I can have direct contact. I personally manage the DMs and I often receive photographs of the brides in the dressing room who ask me for advice! I am sure that another factor that helps brides to ask me for some advice is age ... In fact, many future brides are my age.

How is the bridal world today seen on social media?
It is a magical world that makes you dream and is still very much desired by girls of all ages. The industry is racing and there are lots of new things to come. There is also great anticipation for the "boom" of weddings that the bridal is waiting for. There are many emerging brands and there is a lot of experimentation also on a stylistic level. Many proposals meet a non-traditional bride and propose new trends. In this sense, I think bridal is becoming more and more interesting.

What is the question that future brides ask you most often on social networks?
The question they ask me most often is “ When are you getting married? "And also very popular is" If you were to get married which dress would you choose "? I must say that this makes me smile a lot, then joking aside they also ask me a lot of advice on the dress to wear or on how to complete the styling of the dress they have already chosen.

The video tutorial is one of the tools you often use: where does the inspiration come from?
Yes that's right, it's a piece of content that I often post on my profiles. In reality it was a very spontaneous choice that comes from my great desire to talk and explain this world. I started from IGTV… Very long videos in which I argued in a verbose way everything that came to my mind on a given topic.

As the social media tools have been updated, communication has also changed and therefore these contents have become shorter and instantaneous to adapt to new formats: from IG stories to Tik Tok challenges that I enjoy a lot!

Find out more about Nicole Milano's world : the new 2023 collections will be presented in the summer under the title “ Symphony of Arts ” and the dresses will be available from September 2022.


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