Mini French manicure: the chicest nail art for Spring Summer 2022

The mini French manicure is the new irresistible nail trend to focus on. Classic in white, rainbow, metallic or black, find the style for you
Elegant and minimal chic: the mini French manicure is the style to focus on for the nail art of the moment.

What is it about? As its name implies, it is a French in miniature , tends to be worn on short nails, which colors in white - but the variations are all possible - the tip of the nail, in an extra thin line .

If the double French manicure was the top for last year, as well as the neon French manicure and the 90s colored French manicure , today the mini French has a decidedly more sophisticated look, following the trend of the minimal beauty routine .

Follow us to discover the most beautiful styles to copy for your spring summer 2022 nail art .

Gold mini french manicure
Extra glossy nude nails and subtle French in metallic gold - this style is highly sought after.

The black French is always on show: here it is in the mignogn version, for an up-to-date effect.
Neon french
Neon effect on very short and rounded nails. This nail look combines minimal style with the brightest colors. Fuchsia and neon yellow dress the nails for an extra glam result.
Glitter mini french manicure
If the glitter make-up drives you crazy, try it on your nails too, opting for a minimal French in gold - or silver, bronze, copper, etc. - a foil effect obtained with microglitter enamel.
French manicure arty
An artistic touch: the French becomes wavy for a different but no less sophisticated mood.
French taupe
Taupe nail polish - a mix of gray and brown - is making a comeback. Here it is on short nails with miniature french.

Mini French manicure square nails
Not just round nails: square nails are back in fashion. Here they are in a classic but subtle French version.
Rainbow French manicure
Thin, very thin and in a metallic finish: the mini French is inspired by the rainbow.


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