In praise of pop colors, including vintage clothes and make-up

A special fashion and beauty editorial to discover precious items and special make-up
Bright colors, retro patterns and original textures are the characteristics of the unique pieces by Armada Archive , a Veronese vintage shop, chosen for this new editorial and interpreted by Shanel , a 22-year-old model from Barbados. With an exceptional make-up , by Smashbox .

Roberta di Camerino coat , no brand belt

Roberta di Camerino coat , no brand belt, Miu Miu décolleté with strap

The Smashbox Story
For the make-up we played with colors: purple lipstick and light blue shade for the eyes, relying on Smashbox , a Los Angeles brand with a particular history. Smashbox Studios were originally photographic studios, a reference point for world-famous photographers and artists, the leap into the world of beauty took place in 1996, when Davis Factor , founder, created Photo Finish , a long-lasting primer .

«Everything comes out of the photographic studio to become reality. "
Today Photo Finish is a real cult product thanks to its very high resistance in various light and climate conditions. So in 2000 Smashbox Cosmetics was officially born which offers a series of cruelty free cosmetics able to guarantee very high levels of performance, all developed, tested and controlled by a team of experts. Shanel tried the new Smashbox Photo Finish Silkscreen Primer which, in addition to smoothing the skin, takes care of it, moisturizing without creating thickness. "Everything comes out of the photographic studio to become reality", just as Davis Foster talks about the birth of the brand.

No brand shirt, Anna Molinari skirt, Prada sabot

Armada Archive: vintage is a choice
For fashion, as we mentioned in the introduction, the garments and accessories are part of the Armada Archive , a store opened in 2020 by Elisa Battani who, after years as a product developer for a clothing company inspired by vintage sportswear , is successful in the enterprise of opening her own shop, both online and physical.

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche shirt

Saint Laurent Rive Gauche shirt , Max Mara skirt

“I am convinced that there is such a quantity of clothing in circulation sufficient to satisfy people's needs for decades and decades, without having to continually produce new ones”, comments Elisa about the role of second hand in the clothing sector. You will remember the image of the Atacama desert in Chile, shot in newspapers and on social media a few months ago, completely covered in tons of clothes .

Choosing to buy a used garment means giving it a new life as well as making an ethical and conscious choice with respect to a system largely based on overproduction and the consequent waste of resources. In addition to entailing tangible benefits , primarily to the environment and therefore also to us who are part of it.

Romeo Gigli dress and bag , Byblos trousers , Miu Miu slingback pumps

Buying second-hand drives us towards the beauty of uniqueness and differentiation. "

Buying used also pushes us towards "The beauty of uniqueness and differentiation", as Elisa points out who reminds her customers that if you are looking for something specific it is practically impossible not to find it , even in the form of style and inspiration, in its pre -owned .

“Contrary to what people often think, vintage and second hand garments have, in most cases, been produced with much higher quality standards than those produced today”, concludes Elisa. And the care with which they have been kept over time is a real legacy that we should learn not only to appreciate more but also to pass on. How do you do with everything that is precious.

No brand jacket and collar, Miu Miu cardigan, Cristina Sant'Andrea trousers , Chanel sandals


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