Grazia Stylist Squad and the stylists of tomorrow

It's called STYLIST SQUAD and it's the Grazia Factory project with NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts, to train five students who love the world of style. The first service is already online
Francesca Crippa, senior stylist of with Anna Opizzi of the Stylist Squad during the shoot with Giada Biaggi - photo Martina Ferrara A photo shoot made in a bright studio: at the center of the lens is Giada Biaggi , stand-up comedian, writer and feminist author.

It is the first set for Anna Opizzi , a final year student of the BA in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Communication address at NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in its Milan office with degree courses in design, fashion design, graphics and communication , multimedia arts, new technologies, scenography and visual arts.

Anna Opizzi, student in the last year of the BA in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Communication address at NABA , New Academy of Fine Arts selected to be part of the Stylist Squad of Grazia Factory - Photo Martina Ferrara

Opizzi was led by Francesca Crippa , who has been working for for years, to fine-tune the inspiration and select the looks and prepare all the necessary elements, up to the collection and return of the clothes used in the photos. Opizzi is part of the Stylist Squad project , which aims to train young stylists in the field.

This profession is central to photo shoots, videos and productions , and Grazia Factory, Grazia's house of production of digital talents, receives many requests for advice from fashion students, girls and boys who love this world and do not know how to fit in after your studies: this is where the project was born.

In addition to Anna Opizzi, Giusi Diella, Angela Rita Di Lernia, Giorgia Sarto, Arianna Rossetti are part of the selection made among NABA students of the BA in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling and Communication address . Flanked by Francesca Crippa , passionate about vintage and second-hand and co-founder of Renato Ceramics, Federica Gervasoni , personal stylist and social media content editor, Thais Montessori Brandao , fashion and celebrity stylist who creates services to represent a different idea of beauty , will be able to learn this profession in the field.

Thais Montessori Brandao and Francesca Crippa, senior stylist of

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Federica Gervasoni, senior stylist of

The Stylist Squad students will learn directly on the set all the techniques of a creative profession, also accessing the "tricks of the trade", such as the stylist kit created specifically for the Grazia Stylist Squad which contains scissors, pins, pliers, threads, but also more particular accessories such as flesh-colored briefs to be ready for any eventuality.


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