Fancy golfers by Marina Rinaldi: elegance on the court

From the green to everyday life, the elegance of the golf outfit has been reinterpreted by MRN in a hyper-contemporary key, in a brightly colored, comfortable and versatile collection with a slightly Seventies flavor.

After the proposals for the gym and running, skiing, tennis and horse riding, the greens of the great golf courses are the backdrop to the new SS 2022 activewear collection by Marina Rinaldi.

With Fancy golfers the brand continues its exploration and aesthetic reworking of sport. In the collection, the elegance of the golf outfits is the starting point for ultra-versatile models, to be worn in everyday life.

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Golf , which has always been considered one of the sports with the most sophisticated look, attentive to the quality of materials and respectful of traditions, has undergone a profound moment of renewal in recent years. While certain parameters of harmony and charm remain firm, the players come down on the pitch today dressed in bright, comfortable and versatile outfits.

From there MRN started to reinterpret the mood.

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The attitude is hyper-contemporary , the commitment in the search for new materials remains absolute. In the collection stand out the logoed nets, terry-effect fabrics and lasered scuba-like fabrics .

The key colors are cream , fuchsia and camel , mixed between horizontal stripes and geometric patterns with a slightly Seventies flavor.

Marina Rinaldi
Among the flagship items, there is the maxi perforated hoodie with a zip on the front, or the version in white or pink with bands on the sleeves and a motif of welt pockets on the front. They easily combine with culisse trousers that reflect the same side stripes motif , as well as with the pleated mesh skirt with an asymmetrical hem decorated at the waist with a horizontal striped pattern.

The techno-plissé also appears on the back of the polo shirt with a profiled collar, to be alternated with the white and fuchsia t-shirt, held on the side by a ribbon with which to create games of embossing. Or the short-sleeved cardigan with zipper on the front that brings together the graphic motif and the stripes that symbolize this season.

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The MRN lettering then enlivens the front of the long-sleeved crew neck with ribbed edges. While the complete shorts and sweatshirt with a neckline held in place by wide laces are worn for both relaxation and workouts.


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