AMBER, the new Oltre capsule collection that celebrates women and their uniqueness

Spring , the season of rebirth and new beginnings. That time of year that we always look forward to with some impatience and that now more than ever we can't wait to welcome with open arms.The days are getting longer and longer, more time is spent outdoors, the agenda returns to be filled with commitments and even the wardrobe must adapt to these new rhythms.After a long winter at home, we again want to take care of the looks down to the smallest detail and to express ourselves through garments that highlight our uniqueness.
Oltre dedicated “ AMBER ” to us , the limited edition capsule collection which is at the center of the new exclusive service created in collaboration with Grazia and which was born from the desire to celebrate modern women .

Women with a thousand facets, different and for this very reason unique , who are not afraid to reveal themselves for what they are or to show their frailties and who are always looking for garments capable of fully reflecting all sides of their personality.

The wardrobe that AMBER has imagined for us is fresh, modern and romantic at the same time. It is a mix of nomadic and eclectic inspirations , of hippy and bon ton style, and consists of garments that go beyond the fashions of the moment, designed to make us feel special and to bring out our true identity.

Oltre presents “AMBER” an exclusive capsule collection dedicated to women
The collection is a hymn to spring. The colors are those of nature . Earth tones and camouflage alternate with bright touches of orange, mint and Bubble pink, proposed in new combinations or declined on romantic geometric patterns inspired by the Art Noveau. But there are also more classic shades, such as white and navy blue.

Outerwear are certainly the key pieces of “AMBER”. The blue denim jacket with golden buttons, together with the cropped trench coat in nylon and tweed with a saharienne flavor, are that jolly of the wardrobe to focus on to overturn and give character even to the simplest and most basic outfits.

Bi-material, just like the sand-colored trench coat, is also the pleated skirt in blue and white striped cotton poplin, enhanced by pleated inserts. Certainly one of the most interesting items in the collection.

Soft blouses are the passepartout of the season. They are worn over midi skirts, but also with comfortable fit trousers. And this is how the paiette manage to make even the most daily looks shine, becoming a cross garment to wear until the evening.

Flush and fresh the trousers that ensure comfort and style 24 hours a day. The terracotta-colored ones, in cotton satin, are designed to be worn both at work and for going out.

The sand-colored trousers , in cotton gabardine, are worn with an oversized striped shirt and mini shoulder strap with golden chain.

To face the mid-season dancers temperatures, on the other hand, nothing better than hooded sweatshirts that are enriched with embroidery and sequin applications and that the brand imagines in combination with pleated skirts or a simple pair of jeans.

All the items of the AMBER collection are already available online and in the stores of Agrigento, Genoa, Milan, Rescaldina, Rieti, San Benedetto del Tronto, Taranto and Verona.


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