9 types of flirtations everyone should try (at least) once

The virtual flirtation, the one with an ex, the unrequited one: 9 types of flirtations that everyone should experience at least once in their life Flirting is good for your health and keeps you young. Just arm yourself with lightness and try to do it in a carefree way aware that not all flirts are destined to become something important , indeed, but they can still be good for your heart and mood, and give you a pinch of austima that helps you smile.

How many types of flirts are there? Lots!

Some even unpaid, but all always great fun to tell your friends about and to one day put in the collection of memories.

Here are which all, absolutely all, we should live at least once in our life.

Because to feel good as a couple you must first feel good alone **

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Meredith and Derek
The crush
It is the type of spring flirt par excellence , also called cotta , the one in the field of fragrant flowers where you look at each other with heart-shaped eyes and walk on a cloud hand in hand.

The one where you no longer understand anything , the people around you no longer exist and you make out around like teenagers even if adolescence should have long since passed.

As long as you don't stumble on an obstacle along the way you can keep jumping like deer.

Distance flirting
Away flirtation
Flirting is not always around the corner. Sometimes it can be in another city, sometimes even in another country.

Are you on holiday in London or New York, are you single and you want to meet someone? Throw yourself in, at the bar or in a club, or download some dating app.

Hanging out with someone locally can sometimes only enhance the vacation - it sure makes the memories more fun

carrie aiden
The flirtation with the ex
It doesn't matter how much time has passed , months, years, many years.

They will write to you and tell you that they have never forgotten you and will ask you to remember all the good times you spent together.

If you come from a cold winter and your bed has been deserted for months, you can decide to take a ride again.

Watch out for it again if you came out badly the first time.

** What happens if you don't have sex for a long time? The answer of science **

The drunken flirtation
The drunken flirtation
After a few drinks, you love your neighbor a lot more , and happen to think that trying to flirt with your best friend, the bartender or the guy who you think has made you sweet eyes is a fantastic idea.

Well, it isn't always, but the next day you'll laugh at it with a big, big headache.

love does not go on vacation
The lightning flirt
One, two and three, disappear .

They are the hit and run flirts, the ones you would like to make disappear as soon as they are consumed with the magic wand.

Be careful because whenever you have this intention and communicate it to a man, he experiences it as a kind of challenge and sticks to you like a limpet.

Try to be as clear as possible and greet him with a "get caught on social media".

Love and other remedies
The unrequited flirtation
Watch out for fireflies for lanterns, he may have invited you out a few times , he may also have often been very nice to you but he may not have the same intentions as you.

So be careful to launch yourself because while you are in flight you may realize that you do not have a parachute and crash to the ground in front of you.

Of course, those who take no risks do not gain but sometimes you should not start in the wings towards a wall.

Blair and serene phone
Virtual flirting
Sometimes even a chat can warm your heart .

It doesn't mean that you always have to get to the bottom of things and it doesn't mean that a virtual flirt has to become something real.

Sometimes it's just good to feel courted by someone, get a message in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before going to sleep and sexting , if you don't take it too seriously, can also be fun, the important thing is not to send around too compromising photos.

8 mistakes you shouldn't make when flirting in chat **

Bed friends
The poly flirt
Do you want to go out with one and chat with another in the meantime? There is nothing to be judged about.

Multi-pronged flirting is the solution for you.

If you fish in multiple seas you may have a better chance of catching good fish sooner or later and not just crabs.

What is polyamory and why everyone is talking about it **

Flirting in the gym
Do you like the guy who smiles at you and remembers your name as you shoot the slow motion poses with the towel?

Leave him your phone number , at most he will never use it or tell you that he is flattered by your attention but he is engaged. Or you can go out for a drink and talk about your weight loss program for the summer.

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